S-Packs BV offers a wonderful range of special adapters and dispensers for the optimal application of pastes, fats, adhesives, sealants, other highly viscous materials and liquids. Our adapters are suitable for press-packs, bag on valve systems, bag in can packaging, aero packs, etcetera.
The packaging market is in a state of flux and that is why S-Packs is constantly working on new developments, new solutions, far-reaching steps towards sustainability and functionality, all in order to work as efficiently as possible and at the same time, considering the environment.
In addition to our own products, we at S-Packs also develop customized products entirely according to the wishes and requirements of the customer. Custom made! We like to think out of the box and have all the expertise in house to create a beautiful product according to your wishes. We prefer to work solution based with an eye for reality and feasibility!


When designing a new product, S-Packs BV proceeds as follows. A careful analysis is made of what the product is intended for and what requirements it has to meet. Of course, the feasibility (ROI analysis) and the budget within which the development must fit are examined beforehand. Subsequently, the idea goes to the drawing board to make the design. Interim updates ensure that the design is designed entirely in accordance with the wishes of the customer. As soon as the prototype is approved, the design is made ready for production, so that sales activities can be started!


When developing a new product, S-Packs works with a transparent step-by-step plan.
• Analyzing the problem / the goal / the need
• Studying the solution / achieving the goal / meeting the need
• Agreeing with the customer

As soon as it is clear which needs are to be met, it is time for the drawing board where the design is further elaborated via a step-by-step plan.
– Designing the product
– Testing of prototype
– Optional fine tuning of the design
– Once the design has been approved, production is made ready


As soon as the design of a new product is approved, production is set in motion. The following points of attention are of great importance.
– Quality control
– Stock monitoring
– Fast delivery
– Satisfied customer



S-Packs BV is a dynamic and innovative company, focused on development, design and production of application tools. Through years of experience of owner Dirk Jan Stout, broad knowledge and expertise has been built up. Partly because of this, S-Packs BV is able to solve the most complex issues. S-Packs BV is an international player in the market of adapters for aerosols, bag on valve and bag in can systems, press-packs, aero packs, tubes and so on. S-Packs is the specialist in the development of application tools and is characterized by a personal approach, short lines of communication, well-founded advice and a flexible attitude. Quality and trust are of paramount importance to us!